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Some activities in The Good Study Guide ask you to download items from this website. Just find what you are looking for in the list below and click on it. You will then have the choice of opening the document and printing it off, or saving it to your computer and opening it from there.


If errors in The Good Study Guide come to light, they will be listed here.

These downloads require Microsoft Word or software capable of opening Microsoft Word documents. You can get Microsoft Word viewer for free by visiting

The downloads for chapter 8 require Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download this software for free from

Chapter 5

An article by Richard Layard is used as an example of a piece of study text throughout Part 2 of The Good Study Guide. It is first used in Activity 5.1 in Section 5.2 of Chapter 5 (page 102). If you print several copies of the article you will be able to write on it without worrying about messing it up.

Activity 5.2 asks you to try highlighting or underlining important words in Layard’s article (page 117). Box 5.9 shows how I underlined one paragraph of the article. If you would like to see my underlining for the whole article, click below.

Chapter 8

You'll be able to work more easily with Activities 8.2, 8.4 and 8.5 (pages 200, 210 and 213) if you print off the Tables and Charts exercises. You won’t then have to keep turning back to earlier pages to look at the tables and charts.

Chapter 10

In Chapter 10 you are asked to judge the strengths and weaknesses of some short essays based on the article by Richard Layard, written by real students.

Putting references in your essays is discussed in both Chapters 10 and 11. But, though the principles are simple, getting references exactly right can be fiddly, particularly as different subject areas tend to have different referencing systems. Rather than get mired in detail in The Good Study Guide, I decided to provide a link to the general guidelines on referencing given by The Open University Library:

Chapter 11

In Section 11.2.1, following Activity 11.1 (page 299), there is a discussion of ‘process words’ in essay titles. Click below for a list of common process words.

Activity 11.3 in Section 11.4.1 (page 323) focuses on the way Richard Layard uses link words and phrases. When you have tried this activity for yourself, you can compare your ideas with my marked up version of his article.

Activity 11.4 in Section 11.4.3 (page 327) explores the way Richard Layard uses sentences of different lengths at different points in his articles. For this activity you need my marked up version of his article.

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